On 2018/02/22 22:09, Arnold Krille <arn...@arnoldarts.de> wrote:
>  - you must completely stop selling(*) products that include MPD
>    immidiately until a new firmware is flashed onto these devices
>    (*) that includes your partners and resellers

True, that was my point.  Cary Audio does new advertising campaigns
RIGHT NOW on Facebook for the DMS-500, which at this point, contains
MPD and violates my copyright.  And the Cary Audio web shop still
sells the DMS-500, which violates my copyright.

 https://carydirect.com/shop-now/dms-500.html (this link works only
 with a USA IP address)

> > (No, the damage is not repaired by removing MPD.  This just stops
> > causing more damage.  The above list is not "multiple choice"; you
> > don't have a choice.  The only choice you have is: with or without
> > lawyers+court.)
> I may not be a lawyer, I am just a user of MPD getting really pissed
> about your complete disregard of Max's intellectual property and his
> work!

Yes, I'm truly pissed off by Billy Wright's perpetual ignorance.  I
had been thinking for a while that he's honest and really doesn't have
a clue what's going on, so I tried to explain it over and over and
over, but he kept pretending he doesn't understand, and kept ignoring
the important parts.

But he's not some random dumbass; he's the CEO of Cary Audio, after
all.  I wonder if you can be a top-level manager and be so clueless
and incompetent all the time.  No, you can't, I believe.

I don't believe Billy Wright is as stupid as he pretends to be.  This
is intentional ignorance, and he tries to distract and delay us.  Cary
Audio is nefarious and evil.

> Billy, do you hate product piracy? Stop being a thief yourself!

Isn't it funny that Billy Wright complains that I "lifted E-mail
addresses from his Copyrighted website"?  This is so ridiculous (but
again I believe he's trying to distract us, so we make fun of this
obvious stupidness instead of caring about the actual copyright
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