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> It may be time to contact a group like this: https://sfconservancy.org/

Yes, that's my favorite option.  They have good experts with lots of
GPL enforcement experience.

I've been waiting with that step for so long because I wanted to give
Cary Audio a more-than-fair chance to recover without horrendous legal
cost.  But in hindsight it looks like my attempts to explain the
problem over and over were just a waste of time.  Cary Audio is either
evil, or very very stupid.

("Never ascribe to malice, that which can be explained by stupidity.")

> IBM, Cisco and Nvidia have figured this out so its not impossible.

Nvidia's trick is that they publish only source code together with a
BLOB; the actual GPL violation (linking this into the kernel) will be
performed by the user, but since copyright law doesn't affect users,
this is not a legal problem.

(All of my computers have AMD or Intel graphics, for a reason.)

> Cary Audio is in over their heads on this. I'm sure the software
> guys are not employees but an outside group he has hired.

It looks like much of the DMS-500 software development was outsourced
to Hong Kong (at least the Java/Android apps).
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