Hi all,

The September meeting will have the same schedule as a standard non-US meeting, 
i.e., three full days (9am to 5:30pm). As usual, I’ll schedule WG times upfront 
and votes in the last day, with exact times based on demand. I’ll put up a 
skeleton schedule in the next few days and will ping WG leads for WG time and 
plenary requests. If you want to beat me and just send me time requests, that 
would even be better.



> On Aug 8, 2017, at 10:16 AM, Brian Smith <bri...@mellanox.com> wrote:
> Also, we'll need this information to arrange the catering schedule so the 
> sooner we can decide, the better.
> Thanks.
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> Hi,
> I was also wondering if the final scheduling for the MPI Forum in September 
> (2017, next month in Chicago) had been settled?  We had similar questions 
> about timing of the meetings so we could make travel plans.
> Apologies if someone answered Wesley and I missed the response.
>       - Steve
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>> Apologies if this has been covered either in person or somewhere else, 
>> but I'm trying to plan travel for next month. Will the September 
>> meeting run on the same time schedule as the European meetings (start 
>> at 9:00am on Wednesday morning and end at 5:00pm on Friday evening), or 
>> will it be using the US schedule of starting and ending around 
>> lunchtime? Trying to see if I can avoid adding a couple days of travel on 
>> each end.
>> Thanks,
>> Wesley
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