I think it is a valid question in the context of a survey about MPI.  It is about the API they're calling.  Other environments may choose to use MPI in the implementation, but that's not part of their specification.  Could be anything.

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Please stop perpetuating the myth that MPI and PGAS are opposed by asking questions that support this false dichotomy.

Lots of folks use MPI via other APIs, whether they be PETSc or Global Arrays.  Thanks to MPI-3 RMA, PGAS can be just another abstraction layer on top of MPI.

/Do you have any plan (to investigate) to switch from using MPI to using any other parallel language/library? */
/A PGAS language (UPC, Coarray Fortran, OpenSHMEM, XcalableMP, ...)/

GCC/OpenCoarrays and Intel MPI both use MPI-3 RMA as a/the communication layer.  OSHMPI is very close to a 1:1 mapping between OpenSHMEM and MPI-3 RMA.  UPC could be ported to MPI-3 RMA with dynamic windows if someone cared.


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    Hello, MPI Forum members,

    I, George Bosilca (UT/ICL) and Emmanuel Jeannot (Inria) are
    working on conducting international MPI survey to reveal the
    differences among countries and/or regions around the world.  I
    had a chance to talk on this project at the MPI Forum meeting in
    San Jose and many attendees agreed to help our project. You can
    find the attached PDF file which was presented at the MPI Forum

    I would like you to go to the GoogleDoc (Google account is required)


    to fill in your answers.  At the end of the survey, I added some
    questions only for MPI forum members so that you can leave your
    comments on our survey.

    It is designed to be short and easy. I am quite sure you can
    answer all questions in 5 minutes. I hope some MPI Forum attendees
    can answer the survey at airport while you are waiting for your

    The deadline for MPI forum members is next <<<< Tuesday 11, Dec >>>>.

    The survey in production will be conducted in the upcoming January
    2019, hopefully. The first draft report will be available to all
    of you in April 2019.

    Atsushi HORI
    ah...@riken.jp <mailto:ah...@riken.jp>

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