Hi all,

During last week’s meeting we had the usual June discussion on future meeting 
locations and dates. One anomaly is that EuroMPI will be again in the US 
(Austin, TX) and hence we decided to move one of the other meetings into Europe 
- we will be in Munich the week after ISC, which hopefully will help more 
people to attend.

The dates and locations are at

https://www.mpi-forum.org/meetings/ <https://www.mpi-forum.org/meetings/>

and are tentative for now. However, I would like to fix those soon. Hence, if 
there are any concerns, please let me know as soon as possible. For those who 
were at the Forum last week, please note that the dates for EuroMPI have 
slightly changed and with that also our forum dates (one week later).

On a separate topic: we have been running very tight on meeting time, in 
particular plenary time, for the last few meetings due to the large readings 
for MPI 4.0. This will likely go on for two more meetings - there is very 
little room to change the Europe meeting, but we have the option to extend the 
meeting in ABQ by a day to the full week (starting Mon, ending Fri). 
Alternatively, we could also just decide to run longer each day (or both :) ) - 
any thoughts or complications that would cause?



Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz, Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems
Department of Informatics, TU-Munich, Boltzmannstraße 3, D-85748 Garching
Member of the Board of Directors at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)
Email: schu...@in.tum.de

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