Dear MPI Colleagues: This is the two-week announcement for the reading
in Zurich on Big Count.

Per Jeff Squyres's note to the Forum list in July (, it
was enumerated (again) that this is really two different efforts:

1. Updating all the bindings
2. Updating the supporting text

We are announcing the reading for #2.

We will have new examples of #1 to show for the meeting, but they are
definitely not going to be complete... this is expected to be a long effort
of the WG by several people.

Jeff Squyres, Puri Bangalore, Martin Ruefenacht, Dan Holmes, and I are
committed to doing the work for #1 after the reading proposed from Zurich
is complete (and accepted).

Thank you,
Tony Skjellum

Anthony Skjellum, PhD
Cell: +1-205-807-4968
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