Mr. Hart,

May I ask a follow-up question then?  I did the same things on my Mac OS 
desktop as on my Ubuntu laptop, same g++ command (for compiling the same 
cpp file), same configure command (for installing mpir).  Well, I didn't 
have to manually install m4 on my Mac OS while I had to do it on my Ubuntu 
as you advised earlier.  So I suppose m4 was pre-installed on Mac OS.  Yet 
I encountered no compiling issues on the Mac OS like the ones on the 
Ubuntu.  Any insight on this?

With regard to your latest reply, I didn't pass --enable-gmpcompat to 
configure.  Must I do this?  I just sort of thought since I didn't do it on 
my Mac OS and it worked, I probably could repeat it on my Ubuntu.  I need 
some more detailed instructions on how to accomplish what you mentioned in 
your reply.  Sorry I'm a newbie on this.  After mpir installation on my 
Ubuntu computer, the relevant header files are in the default 
/usr/local/include/ and the libraries are in the default /usr/local/lib/.  
Based on your reply, I'm guessing here's what I need to do.  FIrst, 
configure and install mpir again with

    ./configure --with-yasm=/usr/local/bin/yasm --enable-cxx 

Then in my source code, instead of #include <mpir.h> directive, I should put

#include "/usr/local/include/mpir.h"
#include "/usr/local/include/gmp.h"

And I'm lost on the proper g++ command.

Please enlighten me.  Thank you so much for your time.

On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 12:38:23 PM UTC-8, Bill Hart wrote:
> You need to give the location of the .h files (mpir.h or gmp.h if you pass 
> --enable-gmpcompat to configure). For this you must use the -I directive to 
> gcc. You also need to tell it where to find the library, with the -L 
> directive. These are always required when linking against libraries.

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