Here are 21 positions I would suggest for adoption by City candidates:

List of Positions for City Candidates

1.      No bonding for pensions
2.      WiFi for the city * free in city buildings
3.      No park land turnover and street vacation for De La Salle
football stadium.
4.      Changing name of Dight Ave * shouldn't honor someone who was
a eugenicist and admirer of Hitler
5.      Continue the 311 system to reduce routine work by individual
council members * city council more in oversight role
6.      Election reform.  An election within two years of census
7.      Support of state legislative initiatives specifically :
8.      non-citizens votin
9.      ex-felons voting
10.     Community ownership of Twins
11.     River issues * getting rid of A.I.S. sunken barges
12.     Do a city river ordinance on development appropriate to utilize
13.     Use required DNR input on enforcement of shoreland rules
14.     Preservation of night sky (downward projecting lights)
15.     Initiate a city % for art ordinance on all (or most) building in
16.     Work on getting a Christo project in the city (like gates in
Central Park in NY)
17.     Work on a city temporary art project.  Examples:  Snoopy in St
Paul, Cows in Chicago & NY, Lions in Jerusalem, Bears in Berlin
18.     AEDs in police cars * defibrillator devices (Rochester has
19.     Police pension policy reform in a state law that City Council
voted down (and mayor opposed) that would have saved the city 24 * 40
20.     Work for instant runoff voting either by state law or in city
charter if permitted
21.     Enforcement of law setting a petty misdemeanor for littering of
cigarette butts (Institutions with outside restaurants responsible for
the sidewalks they use)

I will be glad to further explain any one of these.

Phyllis Kahn   State Rep. 59B

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