Hey, Buddy,

Can you spare $235 million dollars?

Carl Pohlad probably already is breaking the aggresive panhandling ordinance 
already on the books.

As the City of Mpls looks towards trying to register panhandlers, Mr. Phohlad 
should easily fall under that as well.

Except that the rules are different between rich and poor.

Even getting a few port a potties downtown for folks who are homeless to use 
while they are waiting to get into the shelters on Currie is like moving a 
freak'n mountain.

The County Commissioners voted a couple of months of ago for that livability 
ordinance to further harass poor people in the downtown area.

This stadium deal is not about improving the downtown business area, what a 
fallacy. It is about lining the pockets of those already wealthy. It is about 
continuing to give over control of our city, county, and state to those who do 
not have the best interests of the majority of our residents in mind.

Instead of pointing the finger at those most culpable in the struggles faced 
by our city, local politicos and business interests scapegoat those who have 
so little voice already.

The Twins need a home? What an irony when so many without homes will be in a 
shelter just a few blocks away from that "proposed" stadium.

It isn't called panhandling when you have the financial resources to pretty 
it up and call it lobbying.

Margaret Hastings
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