The only other time I got on board with a Twins Stadium deal was when Carl promised 90 million dollars. Then we find out he wasn't writing a check. He was claiming naming rights, beer pouring exclusive rights, etc. That was how he came up with his 90 million. By selling all the things that the owner of the stadium can sell, there is a lot of money. But he wasn't building the stadium, he was selling all the stuff you and I have the right to sell by being the owners of the building. Here are the questions I hope the list can answer.

1. Who will own the stadium?
2. Who will name the stadium?
3. Who gets the cash for all exclusive rights such as signs, beer pouring etc?
4. How much is the check that actually comes out of a Marquette Bank Account under the name of Carl Pohlad payable to Hennepin County?
5. How much money is going back to Mr. Pohland?

Let's hope it's not another hocus pocus deal like 1995 1996? or was it '97 or '98 What ever.

Craig Miller
Rogers MN

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