I'm surprized nobody has brought this to the forum as yet (well OK, Craig made 
mention of new candidates, and referred listers to the Observer page). Gary 
Schiff, the
incumbent City Council member for Ward 9 has an opponent in the coming

Dave Shegstad is an independent candidate who's lived in the neighborhood
his whole life. He operates a family business on Minnehaha Avenue with his
two daughters making iron rails, and ornamental wrought iron.

Dave isn't a career politician, and this is his first campaign for public
office, but it already seems off to a running start.

I met with Dave today for coffee, and was impressed with his down to earth,
common sense philosophy. He's a concerned citizen who is tired of elitist
council members who dictate instead of represent. He'll have my vote.

Dave Shegstad has a website up and running at http://www.shegstad.org where
list members can learn where he stands on some of the issues concerning Ward
9, and the city as a whole.

Also of note, 3 more candidates have filed in Ward 9. What was looking like a 
freebie for Gary Schiff is now a pretty large field of competition. Looking 
forward to seeing what the primaries bring...

Sorry if this appears more than once. Several submission attempts appeared to 

Dan McGrath
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