Like a little irony with your morning coffee?

I came across this quote by Jon Gurban, Superintendent of Parks, in a 
Minneapolis Park Police brochure:
"Unwitting or unknowing violators to the park system should be politely 
educated and informed about how to correctly utilize our park system rather 
than being unnecessarily arrested or cited for minor infractions.

Park police should attempt to build bridges of mutual respect within our 
community rather than take actions that build walls that divide the community 
or result in unnecessary hostility."

As we head into the last leg of this campaign for a new Minneapolis Park Board, 
I thought candidate Stone could use a good laugh. Ah, memories of police cars, 
red lights and red faces.

If anyone thinks the stakes aren't high, a little recall of this attack on free 
speech may put it all in perspective.

The incident where Supt. Gurban called out the Park Police to arrest rampant 
campaigning by Jason Stone should probably be commemorated annually by a "get 
up on the soapbox" celebration in the park.

The first step for a change for the better is a change in the majority five.

Go Jason and the rest of the slate endorsed by the Sierra Club. We deserve a 
better Park Board and a superintendent who gives us leadership, not laughs.

Need more info? Check out  They archive newspaper 
articles and Park Board minutes.

Christine Viken
Stevens Square/Loring Heights  (Tracy Nordstrom's district)

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