This "right" to vote on local sales tax is less than 20 years old and 
was put in place by state legislators for political reasons and can be 
taken away by state legislators for political reasons.  What is the 
legal, constitional, or moral reason the approval mechanism for a local 
sales tax be different than that of property taxes?  Also if enough 
people disagree with any tax increase you do have a say - vote out 
those who approved the tax increase and vote into office candidates who 
promise to repeal the tax.  

Dean E. Carlson
Ward 10, East Harriet

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Date: Monday, December 5, 2005 8:29 am
Subject: [Mpls] Twins stadium is a trojan horse

> The Hennepin County board wants to impose a local sales tax 
> without voter 
> approval to pay for a new Twins stadium. It's a tiny tax. It's for 
> the baseball 
> fans. Right?
> The stadium deal will set a precendent. If Hennepin County can 
> hike a local 
> sales tax without voter approval today for a stadium, why not 
> again tomorrow 
> for something else? And why should other local governments have to 
> get voter 
> approval to do a sales tax hike to pay for sports facilities, 
> schools, more cops, 
> etc?
> Getting behind a public ownership proposal is a way to oppose "the 
> deal" 
> without really opposing the most critical part of the deal, which 
> is to strip away 
> our right to vote on proposals to hike local sales taxes.  Many 
> politicians 
> apparently fear that taking a clear position against a local sales 
> tax hike to 
> pay for a stadium will get the Twins fans mad at them. 
> -Doug Mann, King Field 

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