We shouldn’t minimize the reality that contributions from developers to
government officials can create a conflict of interest.

But as to Klodt’s development of the Hiawatha Flats site, contributions aside,
is, in my view and the view of many residents, the wrong type of development
for the Tiro site and is not at all similar to the 46th St. Master Plan,
approved by the city.

I won’t just get over it as one forum contributor suggested!

We can agree that cleaning that eyesore of a site and changing the zoning from
industrial to residential is a positive thing and good for the community.  The
large part of the community realizes that development will be substantial and
dense along Hiawatha Ave., especially the East side due to the transit oriented
development strategy of the city and we accept that.  However, simply because
the city wants high density does not mean “any high density”.

We can do density in a more thoughtful and appealing way.  The “flats project”
has the appeal of a barracks.  One building (3-5 stories) stretches for the
entire block, abuts the railroad (which realistically is not going away any
time soon).  You can put all the bells and whistles on that façade but you
can’t mask its mass and coldness.

As this project is slated to be 100% rental, perhaps the developer isn’t as
concerned with how appealing the structure is.  As the younger Klodt member
said at a LCC Community meeting, and I quote “ we plan to hold onto this
building for around 39 years, which is what we usually do, and then they might
be converted into condos.”  This was in response to a question posed about the
possibility of some of the project being condos and having a home ownership
component.  Which I think would have made this project much more palatable for
the community as a whole.

Additionally, the transit-oriented component to this project is off.  I urge any
citizen to try walking from the site, how about on a day like today, cross 6
lanes of traffic, and for good measure, try this at night with inclement
weather.  It can take 2 light cycles and that is for an able bodied person on a
good day.  Something needs to be done about that!

I urge our community to demand that our elected officials consider thoughtfully
and carefully new high density plans.

M. Brady
Hiawatha Resident

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