Subject: FW: RE: Parent opportunities




There are often threads on this list that express concern for the
curricula in the Minneapolis Schools, express strong views and opinions
on Minneapolis schools staff development, and express concerns regarding
special programs.  Below are opportunities to put your time, and
opinions, where your e-posts are!!!   I hope that several of you will
take advantage of these opportunities.  Your knowledge and opinions are
even more powerful when shared "in" the programs you wish to change!


As a Minneapolis Public School parent, I know that finding time to be on
committees in the school is difficult....but VERY important and
rewarding.  In the interests of disclosure, I am on the Pillsbury Site
Council, the PTO, and I volunteer in the school.   I also participate in
the PEN group as often as possible.   This weekend, I'm looking forward
to the GEMS competitions.....and looking for some Minneapolis Public
School kids to shine against some suburban LEGO competition  teams.


Susan Young

Minneapolis Trash Lady by day

Exurban Elected Official by night

Proud Pillsbury Parent!


 Subject: RE: Parent opportunities


The following is a request for parents/guardians of students which
attend Minneapolis Public Schools. 

Please share this with other interested parents/guardians.


Minneapolis Public Schools has several advisory councils that are being
assembled for the 2005-06 school year.  If you are interested in any of
these, please indicate your interest by filing a volunteer form with the
Office of Volunteers.  You can reach them through the district website, 

or call Robyn Cousins at the Volunteer Services office 612-668-3880.  
Because these are School Board Advisory Councils, School Board policy
controls the means of volunteering and selection.
(See Board Policies 1300, 1320 also available on the website).
Current openings:
1.  Curriculum and Instruction:  Proposed Curriculum is assessed by this
group consisting of parent/guardians, teachers, principals and students.

Proposed meeting times:  evenings.

Number of meetings proposed: 3-4.

2. Staff Development:  Review and suggest staff development plans for
district wide staff development days.  Committee includes teachers,
parents and administrators.  

Proposed meeting times, Late afternoon/early evening. 
Number of meetings proposed 3-4.

3. Gifted and Talented Advisory:  Advise on the district's program and
delivery system for gifted and talented youth.  Committee includes
teachers, parents and administrators.

Proposed meeting times: in development.  
Number of meetings proposed: in development.

4. Wellness Policy Advisory:  Coming soon.  The District is required to
have a Wellness Policy established by the end of this school year.  
Details will follow, but applications can be submitted now.
(Wellness Policy is regarding nutrition and physical activity of


 If you have questions about parental involvement in these committees
please contact me.

Nan Miller
Office of Family Involvement


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