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I have another concern relating to this proposal.  The purpose, according to
the staff reports, is to create more housing in the city to increase the tax
base and expand our economy.  Fabulous goals.  However, if Minneapolis is
attempting to attract more residents, why is the stated goal to put all of
the new housing for new folks in the R2B zone?  I think this is folly.
Every neighborhood should benefit from new arrivals by expanding the R2B
zone to include more neighborhoods.  Why, in theory, can't Lake of the Isles
have a duplex?


There are also economic concerns.  We're trying to grow economic activity on
Broadway and Central, plus keep existing strong districts strong.  This
requires more homeownership and the consumer power ownership brings, and as
I've pointed out above, this amendment in practice will not do that.  Rather
it will increase the amount of rental housing in communities already rich in
rental housing, and struggling in some cases to maintain economic activity.


If Minneapolis really wants to push this amendment, then let's tack on a bit
that caps the amount of rental units by block.  Fort Collins Colorado, a
bastion of Utne readership, is looking at a plan much like this to disperse
rental housing throughout their entire community.  It can be done in a
fairly non-coercive manner by monitoring where rental permits are issued.
If we really want to pursue density, which I support, and we want to provide
entry level opportunities, which I support, then I would like to see us
pursue other options.  I don't like this amendment as it is presented.



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