Hello Minneapolis,

   I hadn't noticed the Minnesota Daily's series of articles maligning
Paul Zerby until I read the recent postings here on the forum. To paint
Council Member Zerby in such negative terms demonstrates a complete
ignorance of the man's record. Mr. Hoff has indulged in new heights
of journalistic irresponsibility and the Daily should review Mr. Zerby's
record and issue a public apology. Are we talking about the same 
Paul Zerby who has, time and again, stepped up to the plate on 
homelessness and affordable housing, veteran's issues, police-community
relations, civil rights, the living wage issue? To paint him out to be
some sort of neo-fascistic neanderthal, a malevolent force in City
Politics is reprehensible. Incidentally, Mr. Hoff, Mr. Zerby is retiring
at the age of 74. After a long and distinguished record of public service
I think he has that right...he certainly doesn't need your permission.

Guy Gambill

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