Fortunately, I doubt that Paul Zerby is too upset about Mr. Hoff of the MN 
Daily's articles. 
However, I am. Guess that is how it works when someone as fine as Paul gets 
treated with such disrespectul diatribes. I consider Paul a political friend 
and ally. I don't like seeing my friends maligned. 
Paul Zerby has heart, smarts and intergrity. He has stood by those of us who 
are working to end homelessness, he has worked hard for veterans and for 
affordable housing and a number of other postive efforts to make this city 
And he is an elder who deserves respect. He was not worried about whether he 
would lose in a campaign. He has the wisdom to know that there is more to life 
than politcs and the City Council. 
Also, he wears cool ties...I forgot to compliment him on the tie he was 
wearing at the City Council meeting I was at last week. 
anyway..I read two of the Daily article by Mr. Hoff. Mr. Hoff has threatened 
to join the Green Party (see below) and my guess would be that, with friends 
like Mr. Hoff, the Green Party does not need enemies. 
Being an offical senior in a few days myself, part of me wonders if Mr. Hoff 
has a good bit of agism fueling his his disgraceful 
accusations at Council Member Zerby smack more of irrational bias often found 
people who have some sort of ism operating. 
I like and respect Cam Gordon so I am really displeased that Mr. Hoff thinks 
he is doing Cam any sort of favor by his diatribes against Paul. 
and making the comment "shut his big yap" referring to Paul? Now there is a 
way to make me want to listen to your point of view. 
Anyway, I have included some quotes from Mr. Hoff's articles below. As to the 
comment about Paul being a lame duck. He wan't too lame...he voted for the 
revision so shelters could choose to be open 24/7...and he had a big part in 
helping this happen. 
Margaret Hastings 
"If he wanted to, Paul Zerby could advance these issues in the precious bit 
of time he has left in office as a hollowed out and embittered lame duck who 
probably wouldn’t have gotten the DFL endorsement if he had, in fact, run for 
his own seat. Many of these issues have been raised not only in this column, 
some are supported by recent editorials in the Daily. These are the kinds of 
things students want, or at least few would oppose. 
In the weeks he has left, Paul Zerby could polish his scuffed historical 
reputation or, if that’s too difficult, Zerby could at least shut his big yap 
avoid becoming the living, long remembered embodiment of why most 
student-voters overwhelmingly rejected the DFL and embraced the Green Party in 
Ward 2. " 
John Hoff 
"It was a close election, after all, and City Council member Paul “Party 
Pooper” Zerby is still in power along with a hellish host of apologists and 
explainers who assert Zerby isn’t anti-student at all. ... 
.....With “friends” like this in office, who needs enemies? The horrible 
historical memory of Paul Zerby, DFL, Ward 2, will probably be sufficient for 
Green Party to win the next Ward 2 election as well, even if Cam Gordon is 
only able to advance modest progress in the next few years. In fact, maybe 
students in the neighboring wards will also become galvanized and begin to say, 
Out with blue, in with green.” 
John Hoff has mailed paperwork to join the Green Party and has been a Green 
Party member in the past. He welcomes comments at [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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