Dear Minneapolis-Issues Participants:

As of this Tuesday (12/13), I hope to close the existing Minneapolis- Issues

Don't worry - we're only making some technical changes. We will reopen on
Thursday (12/15), using new software. There are lots of improvements, and a
few things you'll have to get used to.

The list will be moving to an opensource software product called
Groupserver. E-Democracy.Org has been using Groupserver to host our new
Issues Forums in the UK for about 2 months now. We think it's ready for
"prime time."

Some of the noticeable improvements you can expect with Groupserver:

  1) Two posts per day will be automatically enforced. It will be impossible
to post 3 times in a day. (No more temptation).
  2) Much-easier-to-read digests and much easier to read on the web.
  3) Participant profiles on the web site (voluntary).
  4) The profile means your name and neighborhood are automatically appended
to each post - no need to remember to do it every time!
  5) Links in every post to the posters' online profile.
  6) Links in every post to the archive of that topic or discussion.
  7) Ability to post via the web.
  8) Easier to read archive - organized by topic.
  And more ...

For a number of technical reasons, we'll ask participants to move themselves
to the new software (I'll be available to provide online support to those
who need it - just email [EMAIL PROTECTED]).

Instructions on making the switch will follow in a separate email ...

Best wishes,
David Brauer
List manager

1. Be civil! Please read the NEW RULES at If 
you think a member is in violation, contact the list manager at [EMAIL 
PROTECTED] before continuing it on the list.

2. Don't feed the troll! Ignore obvious flame-bait.

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