Tonight at 9:10 pm Minneapolis citizens will be given rare access to historic Shoreham Yards to see a troupe of musicians aboard Canadian Pacific Railroad's Holiday Train put on a heck of a show and raise food and funds for food shelves. For further information surf to, pick your favorite language from the english and french offered, and click on the Holiday Train logo.

My late friend, railroad fanatic, and Minneapolis musician Laurie Dow and I always followed the Holiday Train, and in her honor I continue to. Like many Minneapolis musicians Laurie often was too broke after paying the rent to put food on the table, so I encourage folks to dig deep and donate plenty of food (and $$$ too) to keep our local musicians, artists, artisans, underpaid workers, and the jobless fed and healthy.

And before I forget, thanks to the Canadian Pacific Railroad, who donate the use of a two million dollar locomotive, their restored passenger train, and thousands of hours of employee time into the Holiday Train's annual tour. Today I saw them hold up several freight trains in sidings and even delayed the Empire Builder a bit to keep the Holiday Train on schedule.

        from Hawthorne along the old Soo Line Camden Spur,

                Dyna Sluyter
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