First I got one on 2nd Ave N around the corner from 5th St. because even though 
I had money in the meter, there was no parking allowed from 4-6 pm but there 
was no sign indicated. Then I parked behind a meter near the Timberwolves 
stadium and parking was supposed to ahead of the meter, although you really 
couldn't tell. To add insult to injury, there is NO PLACE to call, NO PLACE to 
write. When I called to get an appointment to contest it, and it was 60 days 
out by which time the fine would be past due with penalties assessed, the woman 
told me I could include a letter with my check when I paid the ticket, but they 
throw the letters away without reading them.
This is a fine how-do-you-do for visitors to our fair city.
Nikki Carlson
Linden Hills
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