We have encountered a problem when testing clustering.
Platform Sun Solaris 2.6, MQ52 (base level I think, no CSD0x applied)

Situation is, 2 separate clusters (say A and B), each on 2 qmgrs. Each
qmgr holds a full repository. A 5th qmgr is in both clusters, no
For each cluster we can put messages on the cluster queues from each
qmgr in the cluster.

When the two qmgrs holding repositories for A join cluster B and the
ones holding repositories for B join A, we cannot put messages from the
2 qmgrs that just joined, getting a 2189 error code. Putting msgs to
either cluster from the 5th qmgr still works fine.

If we change the definitions that all 4 qmgrs hold full repositories
for both A and B (without any further changes to channels), everything
works fine.

Does this sound familiar ? And more important, anyone aware of a
solution ?

Thanks, Jan...
/&Jan van Kemenade

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