Full Repositories:  Win2000 and AIX 4.3.3

Partial:  AIX 4.3.3 HP 11


All running MQSeries 5.3



I have just added some new cluster qmanagers (AIX) into my existing cluster.   Everything is up and started.  I can see all the qmanagers on the full repositories, but now the partial repository on the HP is generating a 2189 when I try to put a message to any clustered queue in the environment.  The clussdr and clusrcvr are running from the HP to the full repo in the Win2000 server.


Everything is communicating fine except the HP.  I cannot start a channel from the partial repos to the HP, but can everywhere else.  This all was working fine until I created the new qmanagers on the AIX servers.  I have tried rebuilding the full repositories and this did not help.


To summarize:

Partial repo on HP is not working properly and I am getting a 2189 when I try to put a message to a clustered queue.  All of the other full and partial repos are working fine. 


Does HP require something special when running 5.3?



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