More than likely you deleted the flow but the message never got to the
Broker. In that case the Configuration manager deletes the flow from his
repository thinking that the Broker did the same (IBM is the only person I
know who TRULY believes in assured message delivery).

Did you do a QSTAT on the input queue to verify that there was a broker
process accessing the queue. You can extract a PID using the command and go
and hunt for it in Task Manager.

Have you looked on you System.Broker queues in the Configmgr and Broker to
see if there are any backed up messages. I am not sure if this will help you
at this point but may point to a problem.

Two suggestions. Call IBM support and they can walk you through deleting the
table entries. They might have a script for this or you will have to do it
by hand under their direction.


If you are not faint at heart and this isn't production you could attempt
deleting the entries yourself. The EGs are given a UUID just as MQSeries and
the Broker and the Configmgr. These UUIDs are the keys to most of the tables
when cross referencing the artifacts in the WBI world. You use the UUID to
find the item in the table that needs to be deleted. Or should have been
when you issued your remove. I have not done this ( I actually cnnot say
that, I did with IBM holding my hand once) and I would never advise anyone
else to do it. You never know what you might miss or delete what you should
not have.

Another suggestion is to remove the Broker from the Configmgr (hopfully this
will work!!) delete the Broker and recreate it, add it back to the Configmgr
and redeploy. I would try the IBM support prior to doing this. But be ready
if this is there first suggestion also.

A developer just hosed his machine here by doing the same. We rebuilt. But
qwe are on 5.0 and it is a little less messy. One thing you have to remember
is to check the message coming back from th Configmgr to the Control Center.
Sometie you are so used to seeing a "GOOD" message you quickly discard it
before you realize it had an erro. After DEPLOYS verify the log messages.

When you talk to him tell Vivic I said Hi!!!!!


From: Erik Klemetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Reply-To: MQSeries List <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: WMQI v2.1 CSD5 ghost flow
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 13:55:04 +0000

Hi all,
I have a problem with WMQI flow that has been deleted, but still picks up
messages from a queue.
This flow had been deleted so we could not find it anywhere to stop this
from happening.
So we made a dummy flow with the same name to overwrite the ghostflow.

But the old flow still exists somewhere and it is picking up messages and
putting them in the "old" queues and I just dont know how to get to it.

Any ideas or tips on how to fix this is highly welcome.

The box is w2k server, MQ5.3 CSD4, WMQI 2.1 csd5. DB2 7.2 fixpack8

Best regards Erik

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