While installing WMQ client on a Solaris server, I saw the following
warning displayed. I can't find anything in the Quick Beginnings about
needed kernel parameters for client installs, just for server installs. Does
the client install need the same parameters as a server?

> Checking kernel configuration...
>    8388608      max shared memory segment size (SHMMAX)
>    100  shared memory identifiers (SHMMNI)
>     10  semaphore identifiers (SEMMNI)
>     60  semaphores in system (SEMMNS)
>     25  max semaphores per id (SEMMSL)
>     10  max operations per semop call (SEMOPM)
>     30  undo structures in system (SEMMNU)
>     10  max undo entries per process (SEMUME)
>   2048  max message size (MSGMAX)
> ADVISORY WARNING -  You may need to alter the kernel parameters listed
> above
> to run WebSphere MQ. See the Quick Beginnings manual for more information.

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