These queues are normally created to receive responses from a command issued via the MQM TSO panels.  If you issue a command and it takes a long time, and the response wait time expires, the belated response might not find a tempq anymore.  As a result, it lands in the DLQ.  IBM provided a DLQH, which you could tailor to simply discard these types of DLQ messages.  If you're running an older version of MQ, you'll have create your own DLQH, or get a copy of one from another user.  I'm not sure, but you might be able find a supportpac to help you out also.

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11/17/2004 12:55 PM

Please respond to

SYSTEM.CSQOREXX.* queue not found

I have some messages going to DLQ with MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME
SYSTEM.CSQOREXX.xxxxxx. I know that these dynamic queues are created by
CSQOREXX within the TSO panels . Do you know what special use of these
panels could lead to these errors ?

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