Note to the list -

I (and probably some of you as well) contacted the folks at Standard Bank and 
asked them to print the bad email address in their automated message.  As you 
can see below, they were nice enough to comply and now we know the address that 
is generating all the replies.  I have attempted to contact the individual by 
email and asked him or her to update their subscription.  Perhaps the other 
folks on the list from Standard Bank can check the corporate directory and see 
if this person is still with the company.  If we don't get a response in a day 
or two we can ask the list owners to unsubscribe the address for us.  So hang 
on a day or two longer and hold off on sending any nasty-grams to Standard 
Bank.  This should be resolved soon.

-- T.Rob

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 3:42 PM
To: Wyatt, T Rob
Subject: FW: Receiver channel parameters mrrty and mrtmr

The following message was addressed to our organisation using a domain name 
that is being retired:

>From            : [EMAIL PROTECTED]
To              : [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Subject         : FW: Receiver channel parameters mrrty and mrtmr
Date            : 11/17/2004

Please be advised that this is an automated response to inform you that the 
correct email address format to be used in all correspondence with Standard 
Bank is recipient'sfirstname.recipient'[EMAIL PROTECTED], e.g. John Doe's email 
address has changed from [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL 

While your email will be delivered to the intended recipient, we urge you to 
please contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] to update your email address record 

Technology Engineering
Standard Bank

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