I have questions :-)

Are the messages timely, do they need to be proccessed when they arrive?

Do do you also update VSAM, DB2 etc.... you'll need RRS with Batch.

Getwait is a given in Batch or CICS..

Don't forget to issue Syncpoints(but maybe not for every message) and maybe before you reach Q empty.

In this model.. I happen to like long running (getwait),  triggered once, CICS tasks that read application batched messages.


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Currently, most messages received on our mainframe qmgr are destined to
CICS and are triggered 'on first' .  We are in the process of putting in
a new application that will receive large volumes (50,000+) of batch
messages from a vendor.  The messages will come in at different times of
the day, sometimes being just a few messages at a time and other times
being the large volume I just mentioned.  The developer wants to
schedule a job that runs different times throughout the day to process
these messages. My concern is that since volume is unpredictable and as
more applications do this, it will become impossible to plan disk space
to hold the number of messages that could potentially be in the queues
any point in time.  My feeling is that I need to create a policy that
messages are removed from a queue upon arrival or at least upon arrival
of a certain volume.  I have suggested to the developer that we will
need to set up a trigger to trigger 'on first' or on 'depth', and they
code the program to do a MQGET with a wait of a minute or so.  I am
getting a little resistance to this in that they are concerned about the
job being triggered a lot, and they would prefer to just schedule it to
run every hour or so.  

I am interested to know what policy, if any, other shops have for this


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