Title: MQ and SAP Business Connector
Hi Andre,
What is the version of SAP BC you are using??..
If the vesrion is 4.0.1, then you have to install Webmethods WMQ Adapter3.0.
After installing adapter, a) you have to add MQ queue manager by clicking Server settings in messaging adapter.
b) Create destinations and select a MQ for destinations.
c) Create Message handler and specify the Queue manager name and select direction(ie to get or put message into queue).
Enable message handlers to listen for the queue.
If the version is 4.7 , then you can install  Webmethods WMQ  Adapter 6.0.(Which has more features compare to 3.0).
All the best..
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I would like to know if there is anyone out there using SAP Business connector to send messages to / from WMQ? And if so, is there a specific adaptor required to set it up or can Business Connector be configured to communicate with WMQ directly?





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