On Saturday 17 September 2016 15:28:58 code dz wrote:
> still doesn't work as my expectation  , or maybe i am wrong
> i expect that when i add new item  , the tlayouter will packed all
> items automatically , (  all items inside tlayouter has the same width
> , and every time i add new items the tlayouter shrink all items width
> to fit all items within tlayouter frame ) .
Your expectation is wrong. If you want that tlayouter adjusts the size of a 
widget so that the whole group fits into the tlayouter area set anchors 
an_left and an_right of that widget and activate plo_endmargin.

I don't think that adjusting the width of existing widgets proportionally if a 
new widget has been added is practicable. For example the first widget 
possibly will shrink more times than the later inserted widgets.


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