On 10/15/2016 02:57 PM, mohamed hamza wrote:
> I mean ttabpage.enabled:=false;
> In fact,  I do not want  the user select a forbiden  ttabpage, But I can do 
> it by code for example ttabpage.activepageindex:=n;  ( where n is the 
> forbiden page)?
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What are you trying to accomplish with a forbidden page?

Is it information that the user needs to constantly see?  Or just for 
certain conditions / uses?

If you do not want the user to select a "forbidden" page then set the 
invisible property to true?  That way the user does not see the 
"forbidden" page and cannot select it.

When the condition(s) are present to show the page then the program code 
can make the page visible again: ttabpage.invisible := false;

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