On Monday 17 October 2016 12:20:02 Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> Hi,
> Where do I find a StatusBar widget in MSEide's component palette?
There is none, simply place the needed display widgets with correct anchors in 
the container.

> Otherwise, where do I find the equivalent of Delphi's TPanel?
There is none. Any MSEgui widget can be used as container. In the component 
palette tab 'Widget' are several widgets which can be used like a TPanel. The 
simplest is TSimpleWidget which is invisible by default for use as spacer in 
TLayouter, TGroupBox has a frame by default, TScrollBox a scrolling area.
Then there are several layouting widgets, the most complex is TLayouter.
Maybe TSimpleWidget is the nearest equivalent to TPanel. 

> I also looked at the IDE's main form and see the compiler status
> component is a TStringDisp, but nowhere in the MSEide's component
> palette do I see that component either. :-/
It is in tab 'Widget'.
A little bit documentation is here:
Click on the "see also" links in order to see Michael Ebners docu.


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