On 2016-10-18 08:33, Martin Schreiber wrote:
>> I'm getting there! :-) See attached screenshot.
> If you agree I'll try to make a plug-in with the modification later.

Of course. I'll make the code available in my Github repository when I'm
done. I don't mind maintaining my own custom mods for MSEide - I already
have quite a few, but my hope is that you will find it useful enough to
possibly include as standard at some point. ;-) A simple plug-in would
be a useful option too.

> Please set T*grid.DataCols.ColorFocused.

Perfect, thanks again for all your help.

> The items of the "cols" property are the TDataList descendents which hold the 
> column data, so
> "
> <dropdownedit>.dropdown.cols[n].asarray:= <colndata>;

The original list of data that needs to go into the ComboBox is stored
in a TStringList. In fpGUI's Maximus IDE, I could do the following:

  cbObjects.FocusItem := cbObjects.Items.IndexOf(SAllString);

I've change the ComboBox widget to TDropdownListEdit and your code
suggestion does work. I can't seem to get the focus item set though.
I use the following code to populate the combobox and set the focus item.

  cbObjects.dropdown.cols.count := 0;
  for i := 0 to FObjectStrings.Count-1 do
  cbObjects.dropdown.ItemIndex := 0; // SAllString is always the 1st item

> "sourcefo.activepage.filename". "sourcefo.activepage" can be nil.

Nice and simple. Thanks, that worked perfectly.


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