On 2016-10-18 12:28, Martin Schreiber wrote:
> The window manager hides the window if another desktop is showed. After 
> switching back it shows the window again which fires OnShow.

Interestingly, neither fpGUI nor LCL behaves like that. In both those
toolkits the OnShow only fires once - on the initial showing of the
form. Switching virtual desktops have no affect on the OnShow event.

> The reason why 
> to fire OnShow every times the window will be showed is that OnShow can be 
> used to refresh complex datasources where updating is disabled while the 
> connected widgets are invisible.

That's where I would normally use OnActivate, or OnShow (if
SomeForm.Hide was called).

> MSEgui has the following form events which normally are fired only once:
> OnCreate, OnCreated (which is called by afterconstruction()),OnLoaded and 
> OnEvenLoopStart.

OK, I'll try and move everything into OnCreate, otherwise try OnCreated
(which might be a more appropriate place).


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