Hi Martin,

Long time :) . My last project was aborted (not due to MSE) so there was no
sense to continue porting from Lazarus. But I started new one and want to
make it on MSE from the beginning.

Have questions about twidgetgrid:

1. Is it possible to make background and frame transparent? Basically only
scrollbars should be drawed normally, row selection and maybe grid lines.
I'm using it for tree purpose, only one column with ttreeitemedit. Tried
set color and face.fade.color0 to clTransparent but it didn't help.
Althought changing face.fade.color0 to any other standard color work. Just
want to show form which is underneath. I could trick that by setting color
same as form has.
2. I want to draw something on the right side of each tree item. Overrided
method ttreelistedititem.drawcell and looked how it is done in descendant:

procedure TRootNode.drawcell(const acanvas: tcanvas);
 po1: pcellinfoty;
 layoutinfopo: plistitemlayoutinfoty;
  inherited drawcell(acanvas);
  po1:=  pcellinfoty(acanvas.drawinfopo);
  layoutinfopo:= fowner.fintf.getlayoutinfo(po1);


But it is complain about "fintf" which is not published. Is there other way
/ function? Also, standard caption's draw should not draw on my extra text
so I need to decrease right edge in descendand draw somehow. Modify `
captioninnerrect.cx` before "inherited drawcell;" line ?

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