I continue the discussion from fpc froum.

Graeme said:

> I think BobJ means... having instructions on how to enable SAK in ideU.

Yes, it is needed.

And I will add a parameter for ideu: "assisted".

So, at command line, just do:

# ideu assisted

and this will load ideu with sak eanabled.

> Fred, BobJ has a valid point about the 'up' or 'down' prompts...

OK, fixed, thanks to note it.

I really need some testers, I did not note it.

> Something else to point out. In the file selection dialog of ideU...

Huh, yes, indeed, I have to check it.

> I definitely believe you are not the right track though.

OK, what would be a better track ?

Many thanks for your advices.


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