On 12/03/2016 04:12 PM, Fred van Stappen wrote:
>> Because it is not listed in guitemplates.pas "envvarty" definition and
>> the "guitemplatesmo.sysenv" "tsysenvmanager" component. Please use the
> '> ED' button of the objectinspector in order to edit the "sysenv"
>> component. The order of "envvarty" and the "sysenv" entries must match.
>> "sysenv" is placed in guitemplates unit because it is the first loaded 
>> module.
> Hello Martin.
> Huh, ED' button is grayed (disabled) and what (and where) is the sysenv 
> component ?
It is a "tsysenvmanager" component and placed in datamodule
"guitemplatesmo" (file guitemplates.pas/mfm). The component must be
selected in order to be editable by "ED" button.


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