>> How to navigate with the keyboard in a combobox after it was selected ?
> Alt+ArrowDown. dropdown.options deo_keydropdown must be set (default).

Thanks.  And I just discover that the space key does the trick too ;-)

>> But if the selected cell is a directory, how to get the text of the selected 
>> cell ?
> filelistview>.focuseditem.caption


if assigned(tfilelistview(TheSender.getinstance).selectednames) then
 TheCell :=  'file , ' +  tfilelistview(TheSender.getinstance).selectednames[0]
if trim(tfilelistview(TheSender.getinstance).focuseditem.caption) <> '' then
 TheCell := 'directory , ' +  

>> Does it exist the equivalent of Tform.showmodal in MSE ?
> ... or twidget.show(true)

Yep, twidget.show(true) does perfectly the trick.

>> Or what key to use to select a docked form ?
> In MSEide please use 'View'-<the_wanted_form>'...

OK. But I think that a "all undocked" layout is more efficient for assistive.
So system-Alt+Tab may be used (but in that case, the system must be assisted 

If the system is not assisted, Ctrl+Fn shortcut should be a solution.
Is it possible to define a global-shortcut via the shortcuts-panel for:

main-form, source-editor-form, message-form, debugger-form, console-form

or must it be coded ? (in shortcuts-panel, it is not proposed)
I know that it is possible to use Alt+V then Alt+U,  Alt+M, ... but I find it 
too difficult, I would prefer only one key.



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