>> But selecting a "boolean" cell, there is a access violation error (see 
>> attachment twidgetgrid_crash.jpg).

> function TSak.WhatName(iaSender: iassistiveclient): msestring;
> [...]
>  if (Sender is tbooleaneditradio) then
>  begin
>  if (trim(Tbooleaneditradio(Sender).frame.Caption) <> '') then

Well seen Martin ! (Aaaargh, why did I not see it ?)

This solves all:

 if assigned(Tbooleanedit(Sender).frame) then
 if (trim(Tbooleanedit(Sender).frame.Caption) <> '') then

Many thanks Martin to give your time to check my code.

> Maybe use "iaSender.getassistivecaption()" instead?

;-) Yes, thanks but... does it search for frame.Caption or hint too ? (I know, 
I am insupportable.)

Many thanks Martin, you are very strong.


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