On 12/14/2016 12:17 PM, Fred van Stappen wrote:
> Hello Martin.
> When writing "C:\MyDirectory\Of\MyFilename" on a Windows system, after 
> Return, tfilenameedit change the text with:
> "/C:/MyDirectory/Of/MyFilename".
> Is it possible to keep the original Windows layout ?
Why? It is the cross platform form which can be stored and used on all
systems. All MSEgui file functions use the MSE-style. Please use
"tosysfilepath()" if you need the system form for external functions.
For coping the filename to clipboard it will be automatically converted
to system form. In a multi-boot system with Linux it is even possible to
mount "C:" on "/C:" and use the exact same paths on Linux and Windows. ;-)

tfielenameedit.controller.options fdo_sysfilename shows the system form
if can't live without. ;-)


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