Hello Martin.

Some comment after test:

 if (Sender is tshowmessagewidget) then ...

=>  Error: Identifier not found "tshowmessagewidget" Fatal: Compilation aborted

OK, replaced by:

 if (Sender is tmessagewidget) then ...

=> Compiles ok.

But when, for example, a error message is sent, I do not understand how the 
assistive interface works:

Is it with one of this actions ? :

  procedure doenter(const sender: iassistiveclient);
  procedure doitementer(const sender: iassistiveclient;
                            const items: shapeinfoarty; const aindex: integer);
  procedure doitementer(const sender: iassistiveclient;
                         const items: menucellinfoarty; const aindex: integer);
  procedure clientmouseevent(const sender: iassistiveclient;
                                          const info: mouseeventinfoty);
  procedure dofocuschanged(const oldwidget,newwidget: iassistiveclient);
  procedure dokeydown(const sender: iassistiveclient;
                                        const info: keyeventinfoty);
  procedure doactionexecute(const sender: tobject; const info: actioninfoty);
  procedure dochange(const sender: iassistiveclient);
  procedure docellevent(const sender: iassistiveclientgrid;
                                      const info: celleventinfoty);

If no, could it be possible to add something like:
  procedure domessageshow(const sender: iassistiveclient)




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