2017-03-16 10:46 GMT+01:00 Julio Jiménez <juj...@gmail.com>:
> A picture is worth a thousand words.  ;)

Thanks a lot Julio! Finally understand it! What I did wrong is that I
always added not enough panels so tabs for "source | mainform |...." didn't
work properly (they disappeared when tried add components palette at top or
messages at bottom of dock panel). For this case, (each) component palette,
source and messages must be in own container and then they can be merged
into one so source editor container keep its tabs.
@Martin. You could put that video in git repo or somewhere in sourceforge
wiki so we don't lose it, it is only 1.4MB and very helpfull for newbies in
docking :) . Now I must try to port Lazarus code completion (missing global
vars / object methods hints in MSE IDE) and I'll be happy as never have
been :)
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