On Monday 03 April 2017 00:19:47 Krzysztof wrote:
> So it is ok or not? Because I'm confused, I thought that I have to set
> timagelist3 in faceSlider.template.frameimage_list, not in
> frameSlider.template.frameimage_list.

The mouse and client area clipping mask is defined by frameimage_list, it can 
be an empty imagelist with only width, height and cornermask set.
git master a0889c966fc5a792d180ca6dc3468af99931e35c also clips fade and image 
of TFace by TFace.Framei_ImageList.CornerMask.

> I'm not sure how to make it working 
> now, I don't even see green fade color :)

Please try again with git master a0889c966fc5a792d180ca6dc3468af99931e35c, I 
accidentally changed drawing order of scrollbar.color and button background, 


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