2017-04-13 6:35 GMT+02:00 Martin Schreiber <mse00...@gmail.com>:

> The actual image number is the sum of the node image number and the state
> values either direct or the lookup value provided by TImageList.ImageLookup
> if it is not empty.
> Assume an empty ImageLookup property, ItemList.imnr_selected = 1, -> the
> image
> number of a not selected node is the value in TListItem.imagenr, for a
> selected node it is TListItem.imagenr + 1

Weird, seems that it is TListItem.imagenr + 2. This is my sets of icons:

  TIco16 = (
    ico16_main, ico16_news, ico16_user, .....

FLibraryNode.imagenr := ord(ico16_main);

and selected:
ttreeitemedit1.itemlist.imnr_selected := 1;

but when selecting node then I see icon ico16_user instead of ico16_news.
No other imnr_ are set.

Maybe there also should be imnr_active and imnr_focused for you.

Not necessary (for now ;) )
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