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>> MSElang and MSEpas (a subset of Free Pascal) have "string8" (utf-8) 
>> "string16"
>> (utf-16) "string32" (ucs-4)
> That sounds good.

Is not it better to just use a single String type (as a class or not)
as you've said?

>> ...
> Huh? Java is an excellent performance language. Please ignore all statements
> on the Internet older than say 5 years. The Java language has come a long 
> way, and
> is *very* fast now. In fact, it actually generates binary code that is
> magnitudes faster than what FPC can achieve. I've recently proved this in
> the Lazarus Forum, and no amounts of "tweaks" or obscure coding methods in
> Object Pascal or FPC compiler options could come close to the performance I
> saw in Java 8.

...and because that and others, we start to think if Pascal will died
soon or if we will use Pascal to make bytecode to Java.  :|

Marcos Douglas

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