On Sunday 23 July 2017 17:36:47 Fred van Stappen wrote:
> It seems that, for grip.face.fade the direction is inverted --->
> fade.direction := gd_down ---> gives as result fade.direction := gd_left.
> I did (after assigning a template with fade for grip.face.template)

You probably override the template setting in frame. Please remove 
grip.face.localprops fal_fadirection.

> grip := stb_none ---> gives a grip with vertical line inside.
> grip := stb_dens100 ---> gives a grip without vertical line but not faded.
Please use stb_dens0.

> grip := std_default ---> Yep, OK this is what I want, the faded grip ;-)
> Is it possible to assign different grip.face for grip active and inactive ?
> (I ask too much, sorry.)

The line and pattern grips change color if active. A state variable face in 
grip involves some overhead, I'll take a look.

> And could it be possible to assign a hint when mouse goes on the grip
> pannel ? (Ho, this time I ask much too much, very sorry.)
Please use dragdock.caption.

BTW a MDI example is here:


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