On Saturday 05 August 2017 15:22:02 Fred van Stappen wrote:
> Hello Martin.
> > Maybe that mail got lost?
> Huh, witch one ?
> > You never give up! ;-)
> Yes, when I find a solution ;-)
> > How
> > looks the stack trace at the crash?
> Not easy to give trace of the crash of meseide when show main.pas as form
> (because the debugger crash with mseide crash)...
can you try with commandline gdb and the backtrace command after the crash?

> So I can give only trace of noisegen-crash debugged with mseide. (see
> attachment)
This is not the thread which throws the exception. Please click in thread 
window in the different rows until the stack window shows the exception or 
Can you point to the ISO-file you used to install your Mint version?


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