Hello Martin.

Description of libx11-dev package (in /DEBIAN/control).

Package: libx11-dev

This package contains the development headers for the library found in libx11-6.
Non-developers likely have little use for this package.

Afaik, fpc does not use the C headers (I did not find it) nor fpc does not 
develop/change anything inside the libX11 code.
Maybe, but I have lot of doubt, fpc could need the C headers to compile himself.
But the compiled fpc should not need it.

So, imho, in the case of fpc, they should not use libX11.so but libX11.so.6 
when linking things with the binary fpc.

My 0,001 cent.

PS: I sent this answer to fpc mailing list but it seems that it was loosed.


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