One interesting thing. On your screenshot tray icon is transparent
(not fully, looks like semi transparent, pixels are 0 or 1). This is
weird X window regression which I can't understand. I remember having
fully (I mean real full alpha) transparent tray icon in one of my old
KDE (don't remember which one, Linux Mint KDE edition or KDE on
Kubuntu). It worked only with one timagelist.option mask (also don't
remember if it was bmo_graymask or bmo_colormask). Now in my KDE Neon
(which have the most recent KDE version because this ubuntu "distro"
is from KDE guys) I can't enable it anymore (see attachment, this is
the same demo which you run). It's not issue for me because I always
known that MSEGUI doesn't have support for transparency in single
window widget, so I'm painting nice looking square tray icon which
fill whole rect. But did you ever wonder from where this regression
came from? Although never tested this transparency behavior on some
GNOME or Windows environment
P.S. On screenshot I have black theme but I don't think it is important

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