Hmmm another weird things which I noticed now:
1. Why MSE app show also "tray caption" as a name of the app instead
of "my window" (tray1.png)? For example my Clementine music player in
task bar show "NowEntryUnder..." which is currently playing song on
radio station (clementine window caption) and when expand try icons I
see "Clementine" as app name?
2. Randomly when I run this demo, my Plasma Shell is crashing and
automaticaly restoring (bottom task bar panel is disappearing for a
second). Also when my MSE app is running I don't see items in tray
settings (tray2.png) but when close my app and open tray settings
again then everything is fine (tray3.png). Seems like two_usedbus is
blocking something. Now when writting this message, plasma crash
everytime when I run this demo, thought that reason is two_usedbus.
Disabled it and few first runs were ok but now also plasma is crashing
almost everytime (less than with two_usedbus). Realy weird, also can't
reproduce anymore empty items in tray settings. Do you want some
syslogs or something?

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